My new experience in India

hi, I'm Ratna from Indonesia.I would like to tell something about my experience in India.Exactly, I came to India last month, in July 2006, by Malasyia airlines.It took about 5 hours and 25 minutes from Indonesia to India by plane.For me it became an amazing journey cause it's the first time I left my beautiful country, indonesia.

When I arrived at Indra Gandhi Airport,as one of the International Airport, I could see India city although it's only part not the whole one.Then,I began to leave the airport,and go to one of the city here.Since I moved here, I found anything which are very different from my country,like : the food, there are parata,dal, alu,typical drink called cai,chicken tantury,masala dosa,etc.Actually these kinds of food are very delicious and these are difficult to find in my country.

Furthermore about the clothes. Most of Indian people wear special clothes. these clothes are made from cotton. they are long clothes with a specific accesories among them,and they are in contast colours. I never used this cloth, but I wish I had one. these clothes are designed well. I like to see people who wear this cloth.

The last, when I visited some of the places here, I found many historical buildings that have been built few years ago.Most of them are made of the red bricks and I think they will be unique buildings.The buildings may be still used by the people nowadays. Besides, I also find many parks around the city, and I think the people use these park to take arest under the trees especially when the summer comes cause the weather is so hot more than 40 degrees celcius. There also be various vegetables and fruits that are available here.see you next time

North Sumatra's Traditions

hi,i,m a new comer in India.Actually, I come from Indonesia,North Sumatra Province,in South East Asia. Of course India is very different from Indonesia, such as culture,language,custom/habit,food,government,etc. Though, it's so nice to stay in India because we can learn anything here which is useful for our life in future. Anyway, I would like to tell something about my country like,dance,tourist object,food,and also language. The first about dance,in North Sumatra, there is a well known dance which is called "Tor Tor. This dance used when we want to open a ceremony to welcome our guest. The dancers use special clothes which are called "Ulos" and make movement of the fingers of the two hands.while the dancers are dancing, the guests at this time can give some money to them, based on their willingness, how much money they will give.

The second about language. The people who live in North Sumatra province use many kinds of languages. There are several Bataknese languages as karonese, mandailings, pakpaknese,etc. These languages are grouped based on the location where they lived.They speak with different pronounciation and dialects.Next, about the food, there is a famous food called "Arsik" which is made of from gold fish added by some spices. it tastes very delicious.

After that about the tourist objects which can be found there. The most famous tourist object in North Sumatra is "Lake Toba". Many tourists from different countries usually visit this place when they come to Indonesia. It's a very beautiful place there.Here, we can see a small island called "Samosir" in the middle of the lake, besides we can also enjoy swimming,boating,diving,etc.The weather is fresh cause there're many trees around this place.It takes 3 hours to go here from Medan City.The restaurants, hotels and various food are available here.The other places that you can visit are Brastagi, located near Bukit Barisan Mountain,Sembahe (place where you can do swimming),Tahura (it's like the jungle with many kinds animals) etc.

Salam Kenal

Saya pendatang baru di dunia nge-blog ini. Blog adalah hal yang bru buat saya. Sulit sih,tapi pingin coba mana tau bisa berhasil membuat blog yang bagus

Oke deh itu dulu ya , sebagai salam jumpa dari say.

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